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Angular Tutorial Videos

Thu Sep 10, 2015


Here is my collection of free tutorial videos. Could be really helpful for people new to Angular.

1. Shaping up with Angular JS

Gregg Pollack’s “Shaping up with Angular.js” from codeschool.com has been there for a while. It is one of the tutorials that have the best intro. The series covers Angular setup, binding, controllers, directives, filters, form handling, and services. The best part is its challenges after each chapter.

The tutorial might be a bit confusing to navigate. Make sure you scroll all the way to the top, and click the “START COURSE” button, which will list all the chapters. It’s recommended starting from the beginning in the order. The tutorial walks you through building a gem store project. Skipping the previous chapters might make yourself lost.

At the bottom right corner, you will find the “START CHALLENGES” button which brings you to the exercises. The challenge mode gives you an inline editor to play around the code. Your editing will be immediately reflected in the “Preview” panel. Pretty handy for learn by play.

The tutorial has a sequel – “Staying Sharp with Angular.js”. Alyssa Nicoll will be your mentor. The first chapter covers router. It is free. The following chapters might need payment to unlock.

Free tutorial: Shaping up with Angular.js

Sequel: Staying Sharp with Angular.js

2. Egghead IO - New to Angular JS?

Egghead is famous of its bite-sized videos. Each video can be consumed within 10 min. The entire tutorial is very easy to navigate. The noteworthy is that each short clip has its own discussion section. You might very well learn something new from these informative discussions.

This tutorial spent a lot of inks on directives and isolated scopes, which are essential to writing better components in Angular JS.

Egghead.io is a powerhouse for all Angular learning. If you’d like to adventure to specific topics or advanced usage, check out this list of all Angular lessons.

Egghead.io: New to AngularJS?

3. Angular Youtube Channel

For people who prefer picking their own lessons, Angular’s Youtube channel is the gold mine.

Strictly speaking, the channel itself is not a tutorial site, however, here, you will find great videos covering wide range of topics. I will give you some examples:

Youtube Angular channel

Other Youtube channels related to Angular JS:

4. Others

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